A Simple Guide To Make Perfect Instagram Reels Videos

Instagram is gaining popularity among the younger generation and teenagers. It has over 1 billion monthly active users. Since Instagram introduced Reels, creators, influencers and marketers showcase their talent. It allows the user to create short form videos and share with friends. 

Instagram Reels Ratio

Video view as vertically full screen or 9:16 ratio (1080 X 1920) is the super perfect ratio to show your Reels content. When your Reels appear on the newsfeed, you have to use the post format ratio as 4:5 ratio (1080 X 1350). You should use standard square format as 1:1 (1080 X 1080) for page feed.

You will want to ensure that the main visual of your content is ordered within the ratio 4:5 which means all the good things need to be visualized between the ratio 9:16. Your entertaining video is displayed on the Reels news feed, it is clickable and attractive. 

People always post content to attract more audience for their account. Similarly, you need to think about how to boost Reels engagement for your business. Reels offer various editing features that make your videos more attractive to watch. Making proper use of these features can enhance your reels content and increase brand awareness. When likes keep increasing for your content, more people take a look into the other videos you have posted. They are also likely to glance at your profile and may start to follow you as well. If you are looking out to grab even more attention on Instagram reels, you could buy Instagram reels likes and add more credibility for branded content and your profile.

Reels Thumbnails

A thumbnail is a great way to enhance your business and it allows you to show in just one frame what would be the actual content of a video that makes the audience click your video and keep watching it. You can select thumbnails from your Reel content and so you should make a good plan for each Reel you create. Before creating Instagram reels, you should know what your audience loves to watch. After creating the reels content, you can create a thumbnail from the content which your audience can click to continue watching your video. 

Use Relevant Hashtags

On Reels, you should use hashtags to  make it easy for the audience to find your video and watch it. Search hashtags that your competitors use while posting videos on trending topics. Now,you’ll have an idea about branded hashtags, niche hashtags and which hashtags would work to engage more audience for your brand. Just get started with using the appropriate hashtags to make your brand more popular.

Final Words

The number of social media users keeps increasing continuously along with the launch and announcement of feature updates everyday. Most businesses now use reels to promote their products. If you are running a business, you need to identify and implement the right marketing strategy to get the most out of the latest feature.