IGTV Marketing: 5 Useful Tips That Must Check

Are you new to the IGTV platform? Looking forward to any marketing tips to enhance your IGTV channel, well this article is for you,

IGTV, or Instagram TV, is an independent app interconnected to Instagram apps. It is designed to create high-quality long-form videos. In the beginning, when it was launched, it was not up to the mark, with lots of improvement, now it’s in the new version. You can spot IGTV on your Instagram profile page, next to feed posts. Anyone, use IGTV by creating a channel and start uploading videos. Using this platform, markets or content creators can post length videos to promote your outcomes in an engaging way. Before getting into this channel, you need to be aware of certain strategies to use this platform effectively. 

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Create Series Is Perfect Choice 

You may think, what to share on IGTV, creating a series will be a perfect choice. When you construct a series, you’re providing a valuable reason for your audience to repeatedly visit your channel. It helps to hold your audience engagement for a longer period. Depending on your channel and business, you can think of your content ideas for your series. Check the following content ideas for your IGTV series, 

  • Tutorials, how-to videos 
  • Bloopers
  • Tips or hacks for daily life 
  • Day in My life
  • Interviews
  • Creating videos on FAQ’s   

You can also ask for content suggestions from your audience to know their expectations and interest. You can use polls and question stickers to gather ideas from your audience. 

Catch Your Audience’s Eyesight 

In your IGTV video, three seconds are the most significant part to catch the audience’s eyeballs. It must be an engaging start, as it influences your audience to continue your video. Remember, creating eagerness is essential. You can open with catchy words like, “continue watching to find out how,” “in this video, I am sharing …”. 

Provide A Impressive Title & Thumbnail

Don’t forget to add the title to your video. When you provide a proper title, it’s easy for your audience to know what the video is about. Keep your video short and crispy; avoid lengthy phrases. Ensure your title is connected with your content. 

Coming to cover an image or thumbnail plays a major role in getting the audience’s attention. Do a customized thumbnail according to your video. Don’t use the same thumbnail for all your video; it may lose audience interest. It helps to gain more attention from your audience. When your thumbnail is attractive, you have more chances to get audience engagement. You can try Snaphappen IGTV views to acquire audience engagement and more visibility to your video. You can use tools to edit your cover images, ensure all your videos have good quality. 

Concentrate On Description 

Your videos must have a description that tells about the outline of your video. Don’t use lengthy phrases to express your description, complete with one or two sentences. Include relevant hashtags, keywords, call-to-action to your desired landing page. Hashtags help to improve your reach; using them, people can easily spot your video. 

Promote Your Multiple Channels 

Before uploading your video, sharing clippings or a sneak peek of your IGTV video on your Instagram story. Also, you can use countdown stickers to hype your audience. Once you upload your post, post a preview in your feed part and share your Instagram stories. Even, you can upload your IGTV video on other platforms to get more exposure and reach. 


I hope this article is useful for you. Are you ready to create videos on IGTV?. Stick with the tips mentioned above. Sure this guide will help you to grow your IGTV channel successfully. Then why are you waiting? Start posting videos.  

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.